How To Prevent Phone Theft And Wallet ? A: Internal pocket to protect your cell phone and a wallet from theft from the pocket or the bag (more info -buy here $14.99) All Rights Reserved ·Provisional US Patent Application Number # 62963547 -21JAN2020 The mission of this invention is to try prevent theft a mobile phone or wallet. Materials specification.measurements:: This fabric pocket with a zipper and 2 clips is comprised of the following materials: 1) 21x26 cm-size fabric ,2) 20 cm long zipper, 3) 2 clips (The weight is 30 grams. ) The story behind this new product: The idea came after I heard on the radio about two cases of stolen phones from the famous singer's pocket (in a similar situation - when choosing vegetables sold in the promotion) and using this product - can help prevent this situation. Retail Price $ 14.99 how to protect your phone from theft, anti theft mobile phone case, what to do when phone is lost or stolen, cell phone anti theft, lost or stolen phone, how to keep your phone safe in your pocket, my phone was stolen how can i block it, anti theft phone accessories, Retail Price $ 14.99