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Scooped by Diana Smith, M.S., Ed!

My Site

My Site | The Truth About Us |
See this Go Daddy InstantPage®! Get yours free with a domain name at This is my site description.
Diana Smith, M.S., Ed's insight:

Picture of one of my domain's "landing pages" via courtesy of


Aside from being hideous and having nothing to do with me, my business, my clients or ....anything I can think of, I do not have time to go into godaddy and try and fix this stupid mistake. So, why write? Well, I've worked with godaddy for 20 years. There are pros and cons. A "free" starter page from godaddy sounds like a pro, right? Look again at the picture above.


I am a Website Designer.and SEO Marketing Expert. Do you want me to build your site based on this picture? Oh, and as for the SEO part, godaddy has pages and videos, tutorials and a million resources and strongly worded suggestions as to what it takes to properly build a site that is optimized and therefore, "findable". As I always say, I don't care if your company is the number 1 in its business..if you are looking for new clients or to expand customer base or products, you need a website presence. Even the best site using all the tools available and award winning content and it passes every consumer enjoyment test you could give, if you aren't on the first page of at least google, you don't exist.What is the wonderful tag line (which is what shows up in searches after the name of company )if you have a smart webdesigner), and apparently godaddy has smart SEO people. They used a paying customer'ss starter page, which is why they bought a domain name from them, in order to build a website to go wih their company they are building. So, is that tagline helping this customer? Not even in the smallest of ways. I could name 10 things off the top of my head that would show you not only is godaddy NOT helping customers with all their kind and generous gifts, like domain parking, landing pages, instant website builder--whatever. They use this to promote themselves and frankly, esp. for a website designer, having this kind of thing up is humiliating. I'm not humiliated, just rushed and adding it to my future "to do" list, but it frustrates me because many of my clients have been damaged by godaddy's deceptive practices, which I intend to discuss later-add to the to do list. For now, unless you don't care, if you want to put something up for your new domain name so people can find you while actually working to build your company, there are ways to do that while building up slowly using YOUR keywords, taglines, links and business name!



til I get down to "mention go daddy's "optimizing" deal should you get a free hosting site with them, oh, and what a great favor including mapquest as your only option for mapping on the site--how much do they pay you guys to use them-no one does use them because they are terrible-always have been. More on this later. :) Diana


Website Designs by Diana



website design business-is there really a con? But as a special "gift" from godaddy, they givve this to you as part of their free service when you buy the domain nae.


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Rescooped by Diana Smith, M.S., Ed from Empathy Circle Magazine!

A Lack of Empathy Causes Conflict at Family Gatherings

A Lack of Empathy Causes Conflict at Family Gatherings | The Truth About Us |

An alarming decrease in empathy can make Christmas 2012 a perfect storm for conflict and anger. Families everywhere will be getting together for festivities, food, and football. Unfortunately, conflict and anger often accompany such family gatherings. Past conflicts come up. Old arguments still brewing percolate at the dinner table. A new front of heated arguments are likely to arise this year as differing views about the recent Connecticut school murders are sure to be a hot topic. Gun control advocates will face off against second amendment defenders. Family gatherings don’t have to be upsetting or full of conflict. With a little empathy and the tips offered below, every household can be full of peace and true Christmas joy.

By Mark Jala

Via Edwin Rutsch
Diana Smith, M.S., Ed's insight:

Or...families in denial say and do the right same thing-the ritual of denail. No one talks about real issues, real life unless the black sheep of the family, the one person everyone dreads and avoids. You know, the truth teller. The one that speaks on the topic at hand as everyone else, but unlike the others, they haven't learned the denial lingo, so they speak..the truth as they remember. Those truth tellers can be terrifying ...can ruin a family function in less than a minute. And the worst part? They are clueless. They just talk as they talk with the people they hang out with. But instead of being shown other viewpoints or compassion about a tough situation. At the dinner table, the truth teller doesn't know what they said or did that was wrong. No one says anything, but first the silence sets in, then the host looks uncomfortable, then her husband gives her a knowing glance and a quick shake of the head. The topic is changed, but the truth teller should be warned. They are on to you now. Expect more silence whenever you join a small crowd of talkers. You don't belong. People don't lie truth tellers, and will go to extremes to avoid them when their words will not help or support the mask or wall of denial they share with others. You are a threat, a very real threat. Someday through the gossip chain you may hear how you offended everyone, you talked about taboo subjects (like a funny story  you experienced, but you forgot to get the other version), or how mean you were. Never to your face. But you'll apologize even if not true or you don't understand why the truth wasn't mentioned at the time; you did not have a clue. While this is tough on the TT, the good news is, should any of them every need to hear the truth or ask about something no one else will say, you will be the first to hear from them. But worry not, it's not likely. Then you wouldn't be the outcast. You'd start a rebellion. My God, what's next?

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