The timeber wolf
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The timeber wolf
The Timber wolf is a majestic animal. The Timber wolf is the ancestor of the modern domestic dog that many of us own as a pet, however they are larger than a not dog and definitely not domestic. Their scientific name is Canus Lupus. They are mostly found in North America, North America and Russia as of the cooler climates in these places. The timber wolfs has coarse hair for them to adapt to the cold climate. They hunt and live in a pack. the slender body is built for speed. Like dogs, the Timber wolfs has 5 toes in it's front paw, whereas the back only has 4. This allows it to run quickly in pursuit of the prey. They weigh 25-30 kg in range. it's jaws has a crushing power of around 500 pounds. They prefer large animal as a source of food. We can learn true love from timber wolfs as they are mates for life. A pack is usually made up of a male, female and their children.
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