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I am so sorry to see this happen. It just crushes me to think how many families are devistated this morning. Maybe I am wrong. I know many think I am. I however believe 100% that I am right. There is a serious gun problem in this country and the people who have and want to carry guns just look the other way and say there is nothing we can do to prevent this.

The second amendment was first written by Adams and he wanted it to be part of the first amendment. Congress reworded the constitution and called it the Second Amendment. My feeling is that they did not want it to be an individuals right to carry a weapon so they made it the second amendment and addressed it for a militia. We have the National Guard to replace militia. The right to bear arms should be no more. I think those who have a registered gun in their home, should be permitted to keep their gun.....in their home. To rid the bad guys of guns we must take all guns that are found on people outside of their homes. Slowly but surely removing weapons from the streets will reduce crime not raise it. This happens daily in the U.S. we cant just give in and say this is the price we are willing to pay. Little kids are dead because so many insist on the right to carry a gun around. Shamefull.