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The Power of Squidoo...

A big and valuable part in my training in Phil Kent Online, is teaching the members the power of Squidoo. For those that do not know, Squidoo is a blog-type platform, known as a lens, and it has a high web 2.0 property, which basically means it has a lot of value in the search engines.

I know quite a bit about keyword research and SEO, a lot coming from the excellent course by George Brown called Google Sniper 2.0. I made a few sites with this, all of which rank on Page 1 of Google and stay there.

The reason I teach my members the power of Squidoo, how to do keywoird research for it, and how to optimise it, is simply because Google loves Squidoo lenses. They have a very high 'trust factor' from visitors in general, and Google will rank any good lens very highly, often way above competitive and authority sites.It will also rank them well for extremely competitive keywords.

If you type 'how to use twitter' into Google, which is an extremely high competition keyword, you will see that a Squidoo lens ranks at the top. It is for this favoured ranking by Google that I teach my members how to do keyword research that meets a certain criteria, how to optimise their lens, and how to get it noticed and picked up by the search engines. When done correctly, the lens will often appear on Page 1 within 3 or 4 weeks.

The problem with many marketers, is that they so often do not use the power of SEO, and certainly do not realise the power of Squidoo. It is all very well doing things like classified ad posting, FB posting, IBO marketing and more - all of which do work and do need to be done - but you have to have multilple SEO lead sources too.

The search engine traffic will bring you leads for weeks, months and years to come, as once it is put together and out there, then it is there always. To prove that I do know what I am talking about, if you Google the phrase 'best man speech structure', you will see that both my own site for that keyword ( ), and the Squidoo lens I did for it, both rank high on Page 1, and needless to say I get a good deal of traffic and sales from both.

As with an earlier post of mine, when I talk about having multiple streams of Income, it is just as Important to have multiple lead source streams too. These must come in the form of everyday posting / marketing, and seo marketing too.

By joining Phil Kent Online, you will not only earn and build yourself a Guaranteed Income, you will also learn how to create multiple lead sources that will be set up for life, bringing you leads for the long term permanently, using things like the power of a Squidoo Lens.

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