The power of ideas; Integration across all media
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Social Media Marketing Services: Why you need it?

Social Media Marketing Services: Why you need it? | The power of ideas; Integration across all media |
Regardless of the merits that the internet has made us less warm –hearted and more impersonal, the grim fact remains social media marketing services (social media marketing 12 essential tips for success

Via Alan Horton, Alysha Mackenzie
Stephanie Tucker's insight:

This article discusses why we need to market a business on a social media platform. This is because spreading the word about your product or service is key to resulting in higher purchase sales and profit maximization, and thats where advertising on social media platforms comes in. It gives the chance for consumers to intgrate with others about your product and creates more of a relationship because the company is able to address more of a one on one with consumers such as a Facebook page.The article says that a business can't expect to grow and survive long term if it neglects social media because social media has become such a big part in the way we communicate all over the world. It also helps target to a larger audience which can result in more sales and a bigger customer base. I agree with the article that if you don't jump on to the changing ways of society through the use of social media your business may fall behind competitors and be forgotten about. An effective strategy would be to involve the business in the social media marketing services and gain a competitive advantage.

JianWang's comment, September 26, 2013 10:34 PM
@Anna I like this article for the explain about the social media as it become one of the major communication channels.
Yunqi Zeng's comment, September 26, 2013 11:51 PM
The social media gets into people's lives in everyday, and it is a very useful channel for the marketers to communicate with the target consumers
Ben Beguely's curator insight, September 27, 2013 1:55 AM

I agree with this article as it just shows that social media has just become a need for people. brands and businesses use social media now to attract target consumers and to advertise promptly.It has become a good technique of marketing

Scooped by Stephanie Tucker!

Social media and the museum: integrated social media at the Grant ...

Social media and the museum: integrated social media at the Grant ... | The power of ideas; Integration across all media |
I wanted to use this blog post to go through how a small University museum, the Grant Museum of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy at UCL, uses social media and how we integrate social media across all the work we do ...
Stephanie Tucker's insight:

This article talks about how the conservative museum sector has finally integrated social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and a blog as the primary platforms and websites like Youtube and Flickr as tools for hosting multimedia content which the company embed and linked to through the primary platforms. In summary the company found that integrating social media into their business came with many benefits such as landing one of their staff a column in a major jornal and generated national and international press about their museum and exhibits dispalyed. This shows that the world is changing to become more technologically advanced and that business should take advantage of this. The effectiveness of social media technology can be highly beneifical to a business which was demonstrated in the article. Being able to communicate wherever you are is key because communication plays a big factor when marketing your product or service and integrating media platforms into a business could be the boost it needs in the right direction.

Sophie Rieder's comment, September 22, 2013 10:14 PM
Social media such as Twitter and Facebook are huge these days for any kind of business/organization. It is hard to find someone that is not on at least one of these social media sites and they are now often where people advertise their business/organizations. It has proven to be very successful and your comment to this article is proof of that. With the museum beginning to use these social media sites it led on to great things for them and I think will continue to do so.
Jayden Cody Lamb's comment, September 26, 2013 4:53 AM
Relating back to Ashleigh’s comment about the article “Social media and the museum” we can see that social media is a massive marketing tool that roughly most brands use and to the effect of getting millions of people around the world seeing their products. Today’s marketers have it easy as there is such a tool that can bring the world to you meaning less work then what marketers had to do ten years ago. Social Media is a platform to launch your brand to consumers around the world as such did the Grant museum as Ashleigh referred to earlier.
Kristy Leong's comment, September 26, 2013 5:59 AM
@Ashleigh’s comment, “Social media and the museum…” we can that social media a huge marketing tool that most businesses use. The likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are just some of the many social networks that are most popular. Social media has been proven to being very successful and if a museum can reach its audience to being able to win an award generated through the social networks nationally and internationally. Social media is a great starting point for brands to launch their products worldwide.