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5 important items to switch to Eco

Hard to fill the cart with organic? Start by replacing a few important items that make a difference for the environment and people. Here are five items that do best when they are organic.


On the coffee plantations used one of the world's most dangerous pesticides that have been banned a long time in Sweden and the EU. It hurt - and kills - both nature, animals and people. Choose organic coffee, you will do great benefit for a small cost.

Bananas and grapes

Two fruits that are really hard sprayed. On banana plantations used extremely hazardous pesticides that gives workers and their children nerve damage. And grapes, with their thin skins, may contain residues of several pesticides. In an EU-sample of a package raisins found, for example, residues of 26 different pesticides. If you can not find organic bananas, grapes, raisins or wine may therefore be an idea to choose something else.


For a few dollars extra you can get organic dairy products that make great use both in Sweden and in other parts of the world. At home, you contribute to healthier water, happier animals, less toxins and more birds and flowers thrive. And in countries like Brazil need no logging of rainforests or natural and man poisoned to Swedish cattle to get cheap food.


When you eat meat, it is best to choose organically, for the same reasons as for dairy products. Is not organic, so is meat from Swedish animals together outdoors is a good option. But the most important thing is actually to eat less meat in general.


It makes you a lot of effort for a small coin. Potato is the most sprayed crop in Sweden. A real villain is King Edward - a king that should be overthrown!

Via Giri Kumar