Epic encounter: TOM v/s TBK | The Oberoi Mumbai | Scoop.it

When the day of the last encounter for this season came, the excitement was at its peak. The coin was tossed by Umpire Raghvan and Puneet, TBK, invited TOM to bat first.

Varun and Mayuk started steadily but TBK drew first blood when Mayuk was cleand up in the 2nd over itself. Varun and Anmesh were careful but swinging yorker from Kaizad hit Varun on the foot and he soon run out. Anmesh got together with Pankaj and they played with caution. After 10 overs, the score read 55-2. Pankaj then opened up and started hitting boundries at will. His care free batting gave confidence to other batters also and courtesy some lusty hitting by Mayank in slog overs, TOM managed a healthy total of 154-5.

The target was stiff and TBK were struck by tragedy when Puneet departed in the 1st over itself. Vineet & Ketan steadied the innings but the run rate kept mounting up. Ketan hit a ferocious shot to the boundary and Tery had to put in a dive to stop it, in the process he injured himself. TOM did not have an extra fielder and were stranded. However, true to the spirit and camradrie which these two teams had been showing, Ronak from TBK decided to feild from TOM's side and was welcomed by Varun and other TOM team members with applaud.

TBK needed 98 in the final 1o and drinks were called. Both teams wanted to show that they were in control. Brotherhood and friendliness were at the fore front during the break as both teams were passing chilled drinks to each other.

At the end, target was very stiff and TBK fell short by 19 runs and the heroic effort of their batsmen did not reap rewards.

After the match, both teams congratulated each other for the spirit in which both games were played, true to Oberoi Dharma.