Maximising Want-To-Know Value
When someone is reading a story they are assigning a value to what they are reading. This value can be anywhere from ‘I have absolutely no interest in this’ to ‘I have to know what happens next, sleep be damned’. Obviously you want them to be nearer one end of the scale than the other.

While i...
The Zen of Organized Writing: 5 Steps You Can Take Today
How can you organize your life as a writer so you can spend more time writing?

What’s the best way to manage writing alongside other projects?

Why is it so hard to balance the act of writing with the day-to-day demands of life?

I think you’ll agree most writers have to achieve more than ...
Create a Warm, Low Light Workspace to Boost Creativity
It’s no secret that your environment can affect your creativity. If you’re sitting at your brightly lit desk in a chilly office, listening to loud music, and wondering why your next flash of genius isn’t coming to you, try swapping that environment for a warm, softly lit room. Maybe even put on s...