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Kevin Hill BSc, CPIM, APICS


Kevin Hill was a worker, trainer and part time professor and has been working for a whopping 30 years in food productions. Kevin now works at Conestoga College and is still involved with the food industry. As he mentioned programs are offered all around Ontario at Mohawk, Centennial, Conestoga, Algonqiun, Fleming, Concordia, Laurier and Ottawa. It is a 3 year program and has very little homework. The salary: ranges from $40,000 for your 1st year and $60,000 within your 5th year with certification. This career include many jobs and spots as it includes Planning, Procuring, Distribution, IT Specialist, Purchaser, Process Engineers, Lift operators, Schedulers and Order pickers. Kevin also stated a very interesting fact based off statistics that 80,000 positions need to be filled for each of the next 10 years. He also said that the last year 33 grads from Conestoga had a choice of jobs, some with even 2 offers per graduate which means you will never be stuck looking and waiting for a job. It is a great career to look into and a career that will not leave you stuck waiting and looking for a job.