Insurance company raises awareness of texting while driving dangers. According to a recent "Healthday" survey, 18 percent of drivers admit to regularly texting while driving. It may be illegal to text and drive or use the Internet ...                                         


1. Insurance companies are raising awareness of texting and driving.

2. 18 percent of drivers admit to reguarly texting and driving, 14 percent of drivers put on make-up while driving, and 86 percent eat or drink while driving.

3. The writer is against texting and driving.

4. No, the writer doesn't state her opinion directly. The reader can tell that the writer is against texting and driving by reading all the facts.

6. I learned that the writer has some knowledge about texting and driving.

7. The article was written for young drivers and older drivers as well.

8. Yes, the writer has a lot of facts through out the article that convince me to agree with his/her opinion.

2. (on the back) The writer uses facts and statistics through out the article that state different ideas on texting and driving. The writer didn't use persuasive techniques in the article to accomplish his/her purpose, but the reader can still get enough facts and evidence from the article to make them agree with the writer. The writer also uses direct quotes from the president of the insurance company to make his/her purpose clear to the reader. With the facts that the writer presents, the reader can tell that texting and driving is dangerous along with eating and drinking while driving and putting on make-up while driving.