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Damage Cost: USD400


First off, the website banner shows colourful night scenes of probably some the world’s foremost financial centers. But the gaiety somewhat ends there. The entire site seems to be nothing but a drab, text-filled document in one-font size, with a few bold-faced highlights; but that is about all there is to see. No photos of what’s happening inside the stock exchange or even of a UAE Dirham or UK Pound. It appears as straightforward as a lease contract and even feels almost exactly like one -- a reader of the mag somehow senses he or she must always keep on guard in order to find a way to make a profit out of the contract (or investment) and where one might lose one’s money or investment entirely. --- not good to get their advise

Secondly, or on second thought, the homepage design may actually be what is needed to keep the website as clean and dry as it should be. However, it is so “clean” and so “dry” it might not encourage newcomers or beginner-investors to become interested in the matter. The way the site is designed, it is meant to simply orient the uninformed and the inexperienced to get the hang of trading in the markets with the barest essentials in terms of display.

Thirdly, there are links to aid the readers but there are not that many to augment the explanation of the new concepts being introduced in the website. For instance, the concept of risk-reward ratio may be better imparted with additional illustrations or examples to make it easily understandable and, therefore, stick to the mind without having to attend a free seminar. Of course, this could be one way of making some income by encouraging people to attend seminars or purchase apps.

Finally, the website, in spite of its inadequacies, is quite educational and serves as an introductory orientation for those who would want to be involved in the stock market. Perhaps, some testimonial citations or pictures of individuals or even veterans in the trade would help bring out the usefulness and successes of the whole endeavour. It would make the website more credible and attractive to other visitors who know nothing about the stock market.