Church Apologizes For Hosting Satanic Fashion Show
A London-area church has reportedly issued an apology for allowing its altar to be used as a fashion runway for a show that effectively became a Black Mass as part of London Fashion Week.
Palo Alto Cracks Down On Neighborhood Churches
Palo Alto is cracking down on churches that are trying to offest costs by subletting their space.
All 240 Family Christian Stores Are Closing Down
It's a shame the mom and pop christian bookstores were driven out by the chains. Now it looks like Lifeway is aa monopoly!
Senator Leads 13 African Leaders to Christ
Senator Leads 13 African Leaders to Christ by Jim Denison - Christian breaking news commentary.
Vice President Mike Pence Solicits Prayers, Quotes Bible Verse at CPAC
Vice President Mike Pence solicited prayers from the crowd at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference Thursday night, telling them that he and President Donald Trump need their help, energy and support to help "make America great Again."
LGBT Groups Planning 'Glitter Ash Wednesday' in 21 States for Lent
An LGBT group is launching an Ash Wednesday observance in which they will take the traditional ash cross on the forehead and add glitter to it.