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For the past 24 years, I try to imagine myself being this really cool kid with lots of money and can do anything that she wants to do. You know, shopping, travel the world, meet famous kick-ass people you can only see in movies. But honestly, I already figured that out a long time ago.


In reality, I'm this plane-Jane-book-geek-and-sometimes-annoying person. My name is Pauline, and this is my story.


I'm a huge fan of lists-- any kind of list, like grocery list, bucket list, to-do list, to-eat list, etc. And so, I'm doing you a favor and writing a LIST... about my self. Here are some of the things (basic stuff) that you need to know about me:


~I'm boring and a nerd. I read a lot of books especially on a Saturday night.

~I'm in love with watching The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars.

~I'm a good driver. Zero accident for the past 6 years of driving.

~I'm good at Statistics. That's why my job involves a lot of Statistics. Talk about doing what you love, eh?

~Yes, I have a great job but sometimes, all I want is money.

~I love shopping. I may a "herd-nerd" but my fashion sense isn't so bad at all.

~If you want to know what's in my head, read my twitter timeline.


I can go on and on and on about this, but I figured you can just check-out some of the cool techie things I did:


My mind map (in simplified form, of course): 



 My prezume (in case you have a job opening or something):




 And of course, the parallel universe that I want to live in (in short, my perfect bucket list):

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