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(A)uthor of Boris Godunov, one of his most famous plays.
(L)ived in exile in different parts of Russia.
(E)normously angered the government for being a spokesman for literary radicals.
(X)avier de Maistre painted a portrait of him when he was a toddler.
(A) town that was orinally known as Tsarskoe Selo was renamed Pushkin in his honor.
(N)atalya Nikolayevna was his wife,  a beautiful woman that had many admirers.
(D)ied on January 29, 1837 in Saint Petersburg.
(E)xcesively touchy about his honor, he fought a total of twenty-nine duels.
(R)evolutionized Russian literature with narrative poems, love poems, political poems, short stories, novels, plays, histories, and fairy tales.

(P)ublished his first poem at the age of fifteen.
(U)sed everyday speech in his poetry.
(S)everely wounded at a duel against his wife's alleged lover, Georges d'Anthès.
(H)e was born on June 6 , 1799 in Moscow.
(K)nown as Russia's greatest poet.
(I)s the founder of modern Russian literature
(N)ikolai Stepanovich Chernykh named a minor planet, 2208 Pushkin, after him.