5 Ways to Make Mobile Apps Work for Marketing | The Advantages Of Going Mobile With Your Business | Scoop.it

There’s no longer any debate about the importance of mobile marketing, but when it comes to mobile apps, many companies still struggle with why and how to commit to the effort. Like the early 2000s when businesses believed they should have a website but couldn’t articulate why, the start of this decade is characterized by marketers who decide to invest in mobile apps without a clear understanding of what they want those apps to achieve.


Gaining insight into how mobile apps can best be used for marketing is critical. By 2016, ABI Research predicts U.S. consumers will have downloaded 44 billion mobile apps, which means the channel is too big to ignore. But there are also very specific advantages that mobile apps have over other marketing channels. By playing to those strengths, companies can fill in strategic communication gaps and create new marketing opportunities.