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Impact of the internet age on human culture and K-20 education policy/administration
Curated by Jim Lerman
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Story Trumps Description (Nonprofit Storytelling #9) | Getting Attention

Story Trumps Description (Nonprofit Storytelling #9) | Getting Attention | :: The 4th Era :: | Scoop.it

"Show rather than tell to motivate supporters to care, then act.


If you take away just one thing from this post, make it this—You want your listener to take action because they want to—not because they’ve been told to. When you craft your stories to ensure listeners to connect your info with what they already know (test it), you’re far more likely to build trust and rapport with them. In turn, this group relationship is most likely to be transformative, motivating their desire to take action, now and in the future, and to spread your stories/messages to friends and family." Read the full article to see a before and after example.

Via Kim Zinke (aka Gimli Goose), Jim Lerman
Kim Zinke (aka Gimli Goose)'s curator insight, June 5, 2013 2:19 AM

Be sure to scroll down the page to find the links to 8 other articles in this series (which work for anyone, not just non-profits), including a series on how to tell these 6 types of stories:

- founding

- focus

- success

- people

- future

- strength

Azania Nduli-AmaZulu UbuntuPsychology.ORG's curator insight, July 8, 2013 6:23 PM


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Exploring Empathy

Exploring Empathy | :: The 4th Era :: | Scoop.it

What is this ability to step into someone else’s shoes? To imagine how they feel - and to hurt for them or be happy for them?  Host Frank Stasio is joined by a panel of experts to discuss empathy, the trait that makes us uniquely human.


Lasana Harris is an assistant professor in psychology and neuroscience at Duke University; Jesse Prinz is a Distinguished Professor of philosophy at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York; Pate Skene is an associate professor of neurobiology at Duke University and a second year law student; and Ralph Savarese is an associate professor of English at Grinnell College, a Duke Humanities Writ Large Fellow, and the author of “Reasonable People: A Memoir of Autism and Adoption”

Via Edwin Rutsch, David Hain, Dr. Karen Dietz
Dr. Karen Dietz's curator insight, January 27, 2013 1:45 PM

Want to get better at empathy in order to connect with customers/prospects and create better stories?

Then you might want to listen to this discussion by a panel of experts.

Empathy, like listening, is one of the essential storytelling skills to master. Enjoy this audio file!

And thank you to fellow curator Don Hornsby for originally finding and sharing this piece.

donhornsby's comment, January 27, 2013 5:44 PM
You are welcome.