Transformational Teacher: Chris Edwards on Personalized Learning | :: The 4th Era :: |

Chris Edwards' shared in our interview why he decided to personalize learning and the results he has experienced with his learners: engaged and motivated!


Q. Why did you decide to personalize learning?

A. I decided to personalise learning in my classroom about a year ago. I watched a TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson (the king of creativity) speaking about how he believes that our current education system is killing creativity. What made me think the most was when he said this: “Shakespeare was in someone’s class once, right?” And I thought wow! I have never considered who I may have in my class! When I started thinking in this way, it changed everything. It made me realise that the most important thing was ensuring that every individual child in my class, realised and reached their full potential.


Q. How are learners in your class changing?

A. The learners in my class are changing in a very noticeable way. The learners in my class are no longer passive. They are engaged in their own learning and are motivated. Most importantly, they are learning to be resourceful and resilient. Learning anything is an inherently frustrating process.


Read this insiteful interview and take a look a the pictures of Chris' personalized learning environment where his learners are thriving!

Via Kathleen McClaskey, Virginia Pavlovich