The Twitter of Tomorrow ~ the New Yorker | :: The 4th Era :: |

by Matt Buchanan

"Twitter has evolved, particularly over the past couple of years, from a simple, text-based service toward something richer and fuller: users can now embed everything from pictures to Vines tofull-on mini-apps within their tweets. It’s like a stream gradually becoming a raging river. Twitter has transitioned from a technology company into a powerful media company in its own right.

"What’s coming next is a more graphically intense Twitter that is marked by fundamental transformation of its core experience on mobile phones. Within the company, the decision has been to prioritize mobile over any other medium, including the Web, and it will see the most change the most rapidly. Internally, the way the company thinks about apps has shifted: for a time, its philosophy was that its apps should feel as similar as possible across every platform. A couple of years ago, Twitter employees—including Jack Dorsey—frequently invoked“consistency.” In other words, Twitter wanted its iPhone app to look and work like its Android app. But now the company has come around to the idea that its apps should be custom designed for each and every platform, in order to take as much advantage as possible of what each one has to offer."