Why the 'Maker Movement' is Popular in Schools ~ Center for Digital Education | :: The 4th Era :: | Scoop.it

by Tanya Roscoria


"The maker movement is a global, DIY movement of people who take charge of their lives, solve their own problems and share how they solved them. And it's growing in schools that are searching for more authentic learning experiences for their students.


"Since the beginning of time, people have made things to solve problems and otherwise improve their quality of life. But previously, the amount of exposure individual projects received was limited. Now the Internet has driven projects into the limelight.


"These things that used to be isolated are now shared widely," said Sylvia Libow Martinez, president of nonprofit education technology organization Generation YES and co-author of the book Invent to Learn. "And coupled with new technologies, that makes it possible for people to make things that are useful and practical."