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Scooped by Marine sonkin!

Une thalasso à Ouistreham - Thalasso Magazine

Une thalasso à Ouistreham - Thalasso Magazine | Thalasso-Magazine |
Vous avez besoin de calme pour vous détendre loin du tumulte des grandes villes, Nous avons une solution pour vous. Faire une Thalasso à L’hôtel riva Bella dans la charmante ville balnéaire de Ouistreham.
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Santelli vs Liesman On "Who Pulls The Levers" | Zero Hedge

It would appear, judging by the following discussion that the mainstream is so far down the rabbit-hole of central-planning bias that, as CNBC's Rick Santelli exclaims, "you can't imagine it any other way." In a brief 60 second screamfest, Santelli and Liesman battle over just who (or what) should be in charge. Santelli's free-market perspective that markets will set the equilibrium prices is entirely lost on a bleating Liesman who, when addressing the question of what would happen without a 'Fed', utters the following serf-like phrase, "but, who would pull the levers?" ...


Via Hal
Hal's curator insight, July 23, 2013 3:35 PM

Click over for the video, but that "who would pull the levers?" by Liesman is one big Freudian slip.