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These girls are merely centimeters away, and yet are making plans for lunch and offering compliments about clothing via text. What effect has texting had on our social skills? Whatever happened to casual face-to-face conversation? Body language and tone of voice, which texting is completely devoid of, convey our feelings far more effectively than words alone. Often the true meaning of words is lost through texting and even social media as we cannot convey emotion - only text - so occasionally even a joke may be interpreted as antagnoism, possibly resuting in an fierce argument that may otherwise have been prevented through face-to-face contact.  


Research by James Borg has shown that body language and paralingusitic cues constitute 93% of face-to-face communication, while the words said only account for 7%. With texting completely lacking the ability to convey body language and paralingustic cues - with the exception of emoticons, although even those are highly limited and superficial - how will young teenagers who have grown up in a world of mobile phones and text messaging develop effective social and communication skills? What are the implications of this on future generations? Will text messaging make the entirety of our society socialling and communicationally incompetent in only a few decades?