Be smart, stay on top of studying. Its best to take good notes during class and review handouts and your notes after each class. It helps to have a regular study area that you go to each day. Try as much as possible to eliminate or at least decrease possible distractions. If you review the night before class and have read assignments than you are prepared to participate in class and even ready for an unplanned quiz if given.

Once an instructor announces a test forthcoming begin to do an overall review of materials. Classnotes, study guides, questions at the end of each chapter. You can use 3x5 cards to study, develop a small study group or partner, devise your own test, etc. Get a good night sleep. Once in the classroom do not review notes. This can only create that last minute stress, which will not be productive, Instead use visual imagry to imagine how you will do on the test or to think of a relaxing place to you so you can reduce your stress level. Relax and do your best.