Transition énergétique Occitanie
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Transition énergétique Occitanie
Lutte contre le changement climatique, maîtrise de la consommation d'énergie, réduction de la précarité énergétique, développement et promotion des EnR en Occitanie
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Hydroélectricité : les enjeux de la 1ère énergie renouvelable de France

Hydroélectricité : les enjeux de la 1ère énergie renouvelable de France | Transition énergétique Occitanie |

L’énergie hydroélectrique est la première des énergies renouvelables productrices d’électricité en France (11,8 % de la production totale en 2012) et représente 16 % de la production électrique mondiale.


Verte et inépuisable, la ressource hydraulique est un atout majeur en termes de réduction des émissions de CO2, l’un des enjeux phares de la transition énergétique.

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Smart Cities and the Smart Grid

Smart Cities and the Smart Grid | Transition énergétique Occitanie |

Smart Cities and the Smart Grid: There are natural parallels between the Smart Grid and smart cities in terms of concepts and deployments, though cities have much more experience at evolution than the traditional electrical grid. After all, they have been adopting new technologies that disrupt the status quo for centuries. The Romans created aqueducts and fundamentally changed how water could be controlled and distributed in cities. Discoveries in hygiene and disease transmission and control allowed people to healthily live in population densities with minimized odds of large scale epidemics. And then automobiles exerted their influences on cities. In each case, city systems, policies, and people changed to accommodate new technologies, new knowledge and new practices.


Now, ambitious goals such as zero net energy buildings will change the relationships that physical structures have within cities, and in turn change the relationships that occupants (full or part-time) have within buildings and within cities.


Read the complete article for more on the latest advances in the building industry, infrastructure and transportation, and how smart cities will interact with the Smart Grid...

Via Joan Tarruell, Stephane Bilodeau, Lauren Moss, association concert urbain
Seren's curator insight, August 26, 2013 5:09 PM

An article drawig parallels between ancient city grids and their evolution into the modern age.