Galen's Western District Scholarships | teri |
Galen University has announced 15 new scholarships for students that graduate from Cayo schools. The scholarships honor 3 Belizeans from Cayo: Dr. Jaime Awe, Don. Hector Silva, and Mr. Joseph Andrews. Thanks, Galen!

"To be eligible, applicants must reside or attend school in, or have graduated from a high school or junior college in the Western Cayo District and must be accepted into a Galen University undergraduate program. Scholarship recipients are expected to enroll full time for a maximum of two years or 70 credit hours. The purpose of the scholarship program is to offer students the opportunity to achieve their dreams and their goals. Galen continues to be committed to excellence in education to students and to adhering to the principles of sustainable development. Additional districts scholarships will be launched in January 2013 to further this commitment and to celebrate outstanding Belizean citizens."
Via Best of Cayo