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TEJN sculptures. Street art & contemporary art. TEJN welds scrap iron, found in urban areas, creating objects within a figurative sphere, expressing a narrative deadopen for interpretation. Links to different TEJN related articles, blogs, homepages...
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"The New Generation" - Artworx

"The New Generation" - Artworx | TEJN | Scoop.it

Before the guest arrive in this mock city a group of masked street artists will occupy the hall and decorate the house walls with litres of paint and spray paint.


Toasters (GB), Mentalgassi (De), Bujahuli/Nimi Collective (Finland), Miss Take (DK), Tejn (DK), Slinkachu (GB),  Invader (Fr)...


Brandts Museum of Art presents some of the most renowned artists in the exhibition called Street Art: The New Generation.

The exhibition has been produced in collaboration with Pori Art Museum in Finland...

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