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TEJN sculptures. Street art & contemporary art. TEJN welds scrap iron, found in urban areas, creating objects within a figurative sphere, expressing a narrative deadopen for interpretation. Links to different TEJN related articles, blogs, homepages...
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TEJN | Lunchmoney Gallery

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Raw iron works compellingly well for Danish artist TEJN. His sculptures are made from recycled iron, which he roughly welds together creating objects within a figurative sphere. The sculptures appear powerful and unpolished. To the trained eye TEJNs work may refer to the grand Danish sculptor Robert Jacobsen, who was celebrated for working with raw iron in the ‘50s and ‘60s. TEJN wants to bring the iron media to a new and contemporary stage of artwork.

TEJN finds metal scrap for his sculptures and uses some of it in its original form. The rest is created into figurative objects that express a narrative deadopen for interpretation.


“When making my sculptures I try to see people as they are, and not only the trained version of how they want to be,” says TEJN in connection to explaining his drive for the figurative.


The underlying honest self that comes forward when people lose their facades inspires the artist. He appreciates how the loss of self-control develops a new transparent world, which he builds into his works.




Represented at Art Herning '14 with Lunchmoney Gallery

Fill in the blanks, Solo exhibition, Lunchmoney Gallery, Aarhus...

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