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Building a mobile application that meets requirements on all platforms can be a daunting task. Besides design, coding and testing, apps that store proprietary or confidential information need to be immune to leaks and hacking, especially those used by government organizations.

It isn’t easy to make apps that are completely secure. Andrew Hoog, from the security consulting firm viaForensics, last year summarized some of the challenges in an interview with Security Bistro. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Developers just need to address security during the process. From Hoog and other sources, here are five tips on ensuring app security.

1. Don’t rely solely on the innate security of the device or platform.
Hoog said that because the memory of a mobile device holds on to information much longer than a desktop or server in order to save on read/write resources, its data is almost always recoverable, and therefore more vulnerable to attack.

2. Ask the OS for only for the permissions needed.
Michael Price, at Slashdot/Business Intelligence, points out that an app that has blanket permissions might do something unexpected and affect areas of the device that were not intended by the developer. Being conservative with requesting permissions is not only a good way to keep an app’s data secure, but is also a good way to test for unwarranted behavior from the app.

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