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PDF of presentation from Mobile Learning Experience 2012 (http://mobile2012.org)


Presented by Felix Jacomino, Director of Technology at St. Stephen's Episcopal Day School, with Mercy Gonzalez and Inge Wassmann


Description: This session will assist teachers in designing the 21st Century Elementary Classroom. The presenters will define what a 21st century classroom looks and feels like, including step by step instructions on specific classroom projects for student as young as kindergartners.
Motivate students, increase attendance (engagement?), differentiate instruction and see test scores soar!
This session will assist you design lessons that include all the critical features of a 21 century classroom. Lessons suggested will be project based, interdisciplinary, and present differentiated instruction as well as authentic, performance-based assessments.
• Meet the individual needs of your students
• Bring your classroom into the 21st century
• Surpass the standards
• Raise test scores
• Maintain meaningful, authentic curriculum!
This session is a must for Administrators, Elementary Teachers, Reading Specialists, Staff Developers, After School Programs Directors and anyone who wants to keep up with what is hot in education.