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Scooped by Aaron Perry!

Impact of Technology On Football In the United Kingdom

Impact of Technology On Football In the United Kingdom | Technology and Media in Sport |
Aaron Perry's insight:

Of course we all have the memory of Frank Lampard’s ‘2nd’ goal against Germany in South Africa.  Even further back there was also the interesting fact that in 2005 when Tottenham Hotspur were denied their first victory at Old Trafford since 1989 when Pedro Mendes’ shot from the half way line was cleared but Manchester United Goalkeeper, but not before it had crossed the line and had practically touched the back of the net, yet Mark Clattenburg failed to give the goal. 


Technology has been absent in football for fears it would slow the game down. Yet when the likes of BBC and Sky Sports can get an instant replay of the goal only minutes after from TV footage it is obvious that technology has the capability to quickly and accurately tell if the ball has gone behind the goal line if positioned correctly around the grounds.

Strangely football is now one of the few sports in the UK that does not have any sort of technology that affects its gameplay. With officials still claiming that it will slow down the game like in rugby. However Hawk-Eye is being used in both Tennis and Cricket and is being used quickly and rapidly with almost no time being spent on assessing the situation.  Most importantly it is also giving accurate results!

The idea of using technology is to help make decisions that are either too fast for human reactions, when referees are out of their position and cannot see what has happened or when officials are unsure what has happened and come under constant pressure from the players. 


Problem with football is that officials where too scared to make to the jump into the technological pool like the rest of the sports. being scared that the game would be slowed down.. 


but when they finally make the jump only the big teams are able to make the jump.. surely this is dividing not only the teams by money and fans but also on technology too?? 


I guess there is never a thing where everyone is equal only winners and losers.. 

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Scooped by Aaron Perry!

Impact Of Media On American Football In The United Kingdom

Impact Of Media On American Football In The United Kingdom | Technology and Media in Sport |
Aaron Perry's insight:

So how does a sport that developed in America, thousands of miles away from the United Kingdom, which is played mostly in the early hours of the morning, become so popular over here in the UK?


Channel 4 is seen as the pioneer in bringing the NFL to the UK and opening up the audience range amongst UK citizens who had never experienced the game or had watched the American Bowl Prior. In 1998 channel 4 sold the rights to cover the NFL regular season games.


The First NFL game was broadcasted on sky sports 2. Since 2007 however the coverage of NFL games has changed dramatically; In 2010 Channel 4 obtained the rights to once again show NFL games however this only accounts for Sunday Night Games.  Sky Sports is still the only UK Television company to have coverage of the NFL London games, though BBC acquire Game Footage from CBS and up until 2011 only showed NFL Highlights and the Super Bowl. In 2012 BBC took over the rights to show Monday night football only. However the playoffs and super bowl are all shared between BBC and Sky Sports, making them available to all viewers in the UK.


And with many reports coming in from various sources saying that, here in the UK, we could have our own team that would play in the NFL! It has been debated for years since it became apparent that wembley would be practically filled every game to watch the American Game! With NFL officials also being quoted with saying this vary rumor..


"London could one day host a full-time NFL team if the experiment with games in the UK remains successful, according to league chief Roger Goodell.


Speaking during Sunday's Wembley game, Goodell said: "It would be a great thing for the league.

"If the response keeps continuing this way, that's a realistic possibility."


A league spokesman told BBC Sport there was "no timeframe even for exploring the possibility" but the NFL is looking at extending the season by two games.


Similar to the plan for a "39th game" in English football's Premier League, the plan would allow teams to play meaningful games overseas without losing a home fixture."


- BBC Sport before the New England and San Diago game at Wembley.



With the possibility of a London based franchise being at home in London, waving the Union Jack in an all United States League,  will leave many UK fans left believing and wonder for the future that they may have their very own team to follow..


With the internet being as fast as ever and majority of people having access to it, it’s not only the television broadcasters that have access to games played. When the NFL launched the NFL game pass, which allows fans to watch either their teams games live on a tablet, laptop and certain phones but also watch games from 3 years ago and watch/ follow more than one game at a time. Costing £100 for a season, the NFL has seen a dramatic increase in UK users that want to watch every NFL game their team plays not just the allocated time UK television broadcasters have been given. It also gives them the chance to reply when they wish to and watch a game at a convenient time.


You can say that the NFL only became popular in the UK because of the American Bowl games played here. Undoubtedly though the main reason that the sport became popular over this side of the pond?


It was down to the input the media had..  IF channel 4 did not show regular season games on their television channel then many people would not have found a love for the sport, the attendance of the game would have decreased due to the lack of games shown or played here. The international series would have moved elsewhere.


Its not only the NFL officials however that are saying that having a London team is out of the question..


Even some retired players have been quoted in saying that there is a possiablity of a london based team..


"With some owners saying that Concorde will need to be re-created in order to make the trips possible, former Pro Bowl cornerback Eric Davis responded by saying “If you put a team in the East (London), it’s really not that different then having to fly cross country. I played in the AFC West, and travelled back and forth across the country each week.” "

-BBC Sport after the 2012 NFL Game played in the UK.


Media has had a huge impact within many fan's lives here in the UK. Personnal if it wasent for the media i would have never been able to follow and support the sport that i love today..


I remember every morning from around year 8 I would wake up 30 minutes before i needed to so that i can watch the sky sports news and wait for the 5-10 minute clip of the round up of american sports at 7:15. Once my tv provider started offering ESPN America, i made sure that it was put straight onto the tv plan so that i could watch the highlights in the morning and alos join into debates with Americans on what is classified as their sport!


Media has had a massive impact on the ability of how i can follow and watch my favourate team within a sport that is not native to my country! Now having a job myself i am now signing up for the NFL Game Pass ready to watch the next season..


All thanks to the Media..


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