The Impact of a Small Town Brewery | Technology |
When a small town brewery opens its doors, you might be thinking of all the great beers you’re going to lay hands on, but you may not consider the positive impact it will have on your town. Like many small businesses, breweries contribute a lot more than it may initially appear to the communities they are a part of. Often employing less than 20 people, the small town brewery is in good company since similarly sized companies employ over 20 million people in the United States.

A lot of work is generated through a small town brewery, more than you might even think. Looking past the brewmaster, the brewery workers, the marketing and event planning positions (if they have them), you’ll find that small breweries benefit many local businesses. They purchase their hops and ingredients from nearby farms, they bring revenue into bars, the money they make goes back into the brewery and back into the community by purchasing more supplies.

Small breweries are good neighbours too and often look to support local charities that benefit the area they’re based in. Your local brewery most likely gives funds from festivals to charity or uses their space as free locales for charity events. Try looking up one of the small local breweries in your town and there’s a good chance you’ll find an assortment of charitable events or charities the brewery helps or directly contributes to.

Wages distributed by small breweries further benefit the town by giving locals jobs and funds to purchase goods and put back into the community and breweries will also draw tourists, who will often spend some more time exploring the small town and maybe stopping for a bite to eat or to shop.

But beyond the economic impacts of a small town brewery, there’s something else. A brewery gives a place for the community to come together and meet. Like a quiet bar, everyone knows everyone and the owner is often working the tap. It gives a sense of communal pride to see a small business, especially one built on such a social concept, start to succeed.