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When was the last time you got your septic tank pumped? If you don't remember, it's likely that your septic tank needs pumping. Since we provide septic pumping services in Dayton TX, we will be glad to help you with any septic system related problems. For those who don't understand how the septic system works, it's a little difficult to grasp the seriousness of this problem. So, here's a simple analogy to make things crystal clear.

Treating sewage using a clogged septic system is like running with your shoelaces tied. At best, you can run along in an awkward and uncoordinated manner. At worst, you can fall down and hurt yourself badly. In the same manner, a clogged septic system functions at suboptimal efficiency until it breaks down. Repairing or replacing the septic system is an expensive proposition. But, you can avoid this if you pump your septic tank every three to five years. During the process of pumping, our skilled technicians will check the inlet pipe and outlet pipe for any blockages. Then, they will use a vacuum pump to drain the septic tank. Once the tank is empty, they will wash the tank thoroughly to remove every trace of sludge and scum. Finally, they will fill the tank with clean water so that it won't float.

We take pride in the promptness of our work. More than 90 percent of our customers receive our pumping service on the same day. If you're not able to serve you the same day you call, you can count on us to show up the next day morning. Another reason you can trust us to deliver superior service is our thoroughness. For instance, a lot of septic pumping companies don't clean the submersible pump in the tank. But, we make sure every part of the tank is super clean.

Pumping the septic tank regularly can extend the life of the components of the system. This will save you a lot of money in the long run. It would also ensure that your septic system runs smoothly. So, if you are ready for an efficient and odor free sewage treatment system, give us a call. We'll send one of our top septic pumping techs to Dayton TX.