Tips for Selecting Your Next Sofa | Technology |
Whether you recently purchased a new home, or you’re simply thirsting for the opportunity to redecorate your living room, designing a space that looks like it was plucked out of an episode of Million Dollar Rooms on HGTV is no easy feat. Matching furniture to architectural details, drape coloring or an area rug is crucial for achieving a tasteful aesthetic that embodies your desired outcome. Before you get bogged down by granular details, you need a digestible starting point.

Navigating through the whirlwind of designing your picture-perfect living room should begin with your sofa. Selecting a sofa that is both well-constructed and stylish will not only help to create an alluring ambiance, but it will also ensure a long lifespan for your furniture. The following 2 items will help you identify couches, like the Brynlee Sofa, that were fashioned to outlast the competition.

Because of the constant interaction with your sofa’s cushions, comfort and quality are of the utmost importance. Cushions that digress into a thinned out layer of fabric are a homeowners worst nightmare. Pancakes are meant to be eaten, not sat upon. Look out for cushions that have a foam core surrounding by down or polyester, is ideal. The Brynlee Sofa, for instance, has a Tempur-Pedic option for its sleeper.

Avoid standard plywood and instead opt for kiln-dried hardwood. If the frame relies on glue or screws to hold it together, run for the hills. A sturdy frame is imperative to ensuring that your sofa will have a long lifespan.

Many people make the mistake of selecting a sofa based on its aesthetic appeal and forget to take into consideration the number of people they’d like their couch to seat. No one likes getting caught between two cushions, so if you’re looking to seat 3 or more people, it would be wise to purchase a sofa that could accommodate your family or guests appropriately.