For concrete reinforcement, the rebar or the reinforcing bar which is a common steel bar that is hot rolled and is widely used in the construction industry. Concrete is a material which is very strong in compression nature and is mainly used in compensating the imbalance in a concrete slab's behavior. These hot rolled reinforcing bars is most commonly used as a tensioning devise for reinforcing the concrete and various other masonry structures in order to hold the concrete in a compressed nature.

These bars are commonly used as a tensioning devise for reinforcing the concrete and many other masonry structures which hold the concrete in a compressed nature. It is a low carbon hot rolled steel and hence for this reason, sometimes, it is also known as “mild” steel. Easily welded, formed and machined, mainly used for repair work, general production, welding jobs, machine parts and for bracing. However, these hot rolled reinforcing bars are not particularly recommended for heat-treating, forging, or complicated machine operations.

Hot Rolled Steel Bar Products include:
• Channel • Angle Bar
• Reinforcing Bar (Rebar)
• Square Bar
• Rounds

A French building contractor Francois Coignet was the first one which first used in the mid-1800s. He builds his own house with reinforced concrete, which stands some 150 years after construction. This invention was made in the 19th century revolutionized the construction industry, and thus became as one of the world’s most important and common building materials.

Today, there are many concrete contractors who undertake many projects that make use of concrete reinforcement. Most of they provide a build package and full design to suit any project. Some of the most typical structures include waste water treatment and water treatment works along with highway projects and flood and coastal defense schemes.In addition, sometimes, they can also be used for some home based solutions in order to repair, fix, redesign and remodeling of home with some tested and simple tried methods in order to enhance your lifestyles.

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