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Mumus are proof that all kinds of clothing can be redesigned to look modern and sexy. The mumu of yore is long, shapeless gown that’s very unflattering and bulky. That design won’t suit anyone, regardless of their body shape and personal style. The modern version of mumu is a different story. It’s sweet and sexy at the same time, which makes it ideal for beaches. At Buddy Love, we believe that every girl should have a couple of short and flowymumus in her closet.

Why Are Mumus Ideal for Beaches?

Mumus have become very popular in the recent months, especially on social media. You’ll find several women wearing this garment over their swimwear at the beach. Here are some reasons why this piece is so popular:

• Cool and Comfortable – The mumu is very cool and comfortable, which makes it ideal for the beach. This dress is typically made from lightweight and breathable fabrics so you don’t have to worry about becoming overheated or sweaty when you’re on the beach.

• Design – The cut and design of the mumu looks great when paired with the bikini, especially if the mumu is short and has a wide neckline. The design is very flattering and will make you feel attractive.

• Lengths and Pairing – Mumus are available in different sizes and lengths. You can wear a short mumu to show off your legs and simply pair it with jean shorts when you don’t want to swim. You can also purchase a long, maxi-length mumu and just wear it like a maxi dress. You won’t need to pair it with anything else.

As you can see, mumus are ideal for beaches or even pool-side parties. They’re very comfortable and flattering so browse through our collection and buy a few for yourself today!