The Joys of Pit BBQ | Technology |
We love pit BBQ for a few reasons. For one, it’s a social experience. Cooking authentic pit BBQ takes hours, so it makes sense to get your family and friends together to enjoy a long day in the sun with some cold ones. Second, it’s a great way to reconnect with your food. Pit BBQ takes work and at the end of it, savoring is not only a suggestion, but also a requirement. Finally,pit BBQ produces some of the most tender, juicy meat we’ve ever had.

Originally, pit BBQ referenced a cooking method used by indigenous people for hundreds of years that used hot coals and earth ovens to cook food buried underground. Now, pit BBQ can refer to a variety of ways of cooking meat that include enclosed spaces and long, slow heat. Southern-style pit BBQ, for example, can refer to a walled, above ground “pit” that uses burning hardwood to flavor the meat.

Pit BBQ has now moved from the backyards into the restaurants, as many “pit-style” BBQ joints pop up around the country. While the styles vary, most people have become intimately familiar with Central Texas pit-style BBQ. A typical experience at one of these restaurants has the customer take a cafeteria-style tray, usually covered in butcher’s paper, and have their food served directly on the tray. The meat is carved and weighed and side dishes and desserts are picked up along the line, along with pickles, onions, white bread and jalapenos, which are usually complimentary.

Central Texas pit BBQ puts full emphasis on the meat and, if sauce is available, it is usually considered a side dip used for moistening purposes and is not thickly flavored or piquant, so as not to draw attention away from the meat.

If you are interested in trying your hand at pit BBQ, you can go the cheap and easily available old-fashioned route where you dig a pit, line it with hardwoods and burn them down to embers to slowly roast the meat, or you can look into BBQ pits for sale. The best of these pits are often high-quality, capacious cooking machines that will allow you to easily cook and feed many people at once.