The Secret Power Of The Generalist - And How They'll  Rule The Future | M-learning, E-Learning, and Technical Communications |

We’ve become a society that’s data rich and meaning poor. A rise in specialists in all areas - science, math, history, psychology - has resulted in tremendous content. But how valuable is that knowledge without context?


Despite the corporate world’s insistence on specialization, the workers most likely to come out on top are generalists - but not just because of their innate ability to adapt to new workplaces, job descriptions or cultural shifts. Instead, according to writer Carter Phipps, author of Evolutionaries generalists will thrive in a culture where it’s becoming increasingly valuable to know “a little bit about a lot.”


Meaning that where you fall on the spectrum of specialist to generalist could be one of the most important aspects of your personality - and your survival in an ever-changing workplace.

Via Kenneth Mikkelsen, Dana Maloney (Holley)