Four Procrastination Myths Debunked | Teaching Business Communication and Workplace Issues |
This article debunks four common procrastination myths we often tell ourselves in order to avoid doing the hard work that needs to be done.


There are less than one hundred days left in 2011.
If you have a backlog of projects that you meant to work on this year, but which you haven’t gotten around to, it’s very likely that procrastination is the culprit.

Timothy Pychyl, Ph.D., creator of the popular web site, is one of the world’s foremost experts on procrastination. Dr. Pychyl defines procrastination as “the needless, often irrational, voluntary delay of an intended task”. That is, you intend to work on a task but you go off and start working on something else which you know is not as important, and which doesn’t need to get done right away...

Via Martin Gysler