The Power of Nonverbal Communication | Teaching Interpersonal Communication in a Business Communication Course |

You have no doubt heard the proverb—Actions speak louder than words.

It’s true. Your body is a crucial part of communicating your inner feelings. Of course, we can’t communicate ideas, thoughts, and plans without words. However, the way people interpret those words is tremendously influenced by our non-verbal communication.

In her research, Dr. Isa Engleberg (Professor of Speech at Prince George College) has suggested that between 60 and 70 percent of all meaning—understanding—is derived from our body language.

What is body language? It’s a form of non-verbal communication consisting of facial expressions, eye movements, gestures, and posture. Here are a few examples:

Face: smiling shows happiness; frowning shows disapproval.
Eyes: attentive gaze shows interest; rolling the eyes shows disgust.
Gestures: nodding the head shows agreement; tapping fingers on table shows boredom or impatience.
Posture: leaning forward shows eagerness, acceptance, or interest; slumped over shows discouragement...

Via Martin Gysler