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Rescooped by Janelle Powter from Humanities Resources

"The Little Refugee" by Anh Do

"The Little Refugee" by Anh Do | Teacher Librarians1 | Scoop.it

VELS Humanities Level 2


By observing the characteristics of different places, and prompted by questions, students think about environmental differences, locally and in other parts of Australia and the world, and why these differences exist.


How and why the resource would be used in the classroom for HSE learning (prep-year 2)

I would use this as part of an "Asian perspectives" unit of study. 

I would use this text to highlight the difficulties and hardships faced by Asian refugees arriving in Australia. 

The students would first read the text as a class, then discuss which events they think would have been the most difficult. 

The students would then work in pairs to identify the route the characters from the text travelled.


A brief description of how your resource/activity responds to an aspect or aspects of the readings for that week
Quotes from this weeks readings that this resource relates to are:

"Intercultural understanding is attitudinal and behavioural in essence, and ought to mean in practice that all students feel they belong in the school, Australian society and beyond and can see themselves in the curriculum."

"An understanding of Asia underpins the capacity of Australian students to be active and informed citizens working together to build harmonious local, regional and global communities, and build Australia's social, intellectual and creative capital."


Welch, M 2011, 'Supporting the 'Asia' cross-curriculum priority in the Australian Curriculum', Primary & Middle Years Educator, 9, 1, pp. 19-23.

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Scooped by Janelle Powter

2nd Grade Reading | Contemporary Books for Kids

2nd Grade Reading | Contemporary Books for Kids | Teacher Librarians1 | Scoop.it
Why a book review site just for 2nd grade readers?
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