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The choice of vitamin D source depends on which level you are aiming for. If you follow the advice from your Government and believe that vitamin D is only good for strong bones, you might be able to fill up your stock with food and fortified food sources.

If you, however, believe that our original level (before we started to avoid the sun and slather on sunscreen) is what you need, you can forget about food as a source of vitamin D and go for UV-exposure and/or supplements.

The preventive and healing effect of permanent, non-burning, UV-exposure probably goes far beyond the "mere" benefits of vitamin D.

Inventor of the Tanning Lamp Nominated for the Nobel Prize - The Tanning Blog
Vitamin D experts speak about vitamin D from sunlight and sunbeds

If someone still have any doubts that we can get vitamin D from sunbeds, this article and video will prove that sunbeds are excellent sources of vitamin D.

Vitamin D, Sun, Skin Cancer - Arizona Center for Advanced Medicine

Excellent article and a positive surprise that a medical institution actually cares about peoples health and not only about how to satisfy their sponsors from Big Pharma.

Even if I am the first to agree that cosmetic giants invented the sun-scare in the early 1980-ies, let’s not forget the fact that most cancer councils, that now are driving early skin cancer screening campaigns, are sponsored by pharmaceutical giants.

The reason is obvious. Regular and moderate sun-exposure is their biggest competitor. Their sales would drastically decrease if every person had enough exposure to ultraviolet light. The Vitamin D level, most likely only one of many healthy products of sun-exposure, is perhaps also an indicator that we get enough sun.

All UVR are, however, not created equal. In this article, I describe the different action spectra for Vitamin D, pigmentation and erythema:

FDA wants to reduce the risk of melanoma and makes new rules for sunbeds but how big is the risk ...

FDA and AAD (The American Association of Dermatologists) revs up their efforts to kill the indoor tanning business. But how big are really the risks of getting malign melanoma from using sunbeds? 30 million people in America use sunbeds without dying from skin cancer. Indoor tanning can't be isolated as a risk factor. But if it could, and statistically, the risk would be 1 in 33,000, placing it somewhere between the risk of dying in an air travel accident and legal executions.

Sunshine, Russia and the Bilderberg group

A conspiracy theory? Or maybe not? Having seen both sides of the vilification of sunshine and Russia, it is possible to see the connection which makes the theory become practice.