Climate variability continues to pose a big challenge to the cultivation of paddy. The introduction of agro-ecological farming called the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) method has enabled farmers to cope with rainfall variability. Many farmers adopted the SRI, recognising the effectiveness of the SRI method in the changing climate scenario. A respondent mentioned the usefulness of the method saying, “With less seed, we get good yield.” Farmers indicate that the yield in SRI is higher, where farmers sow 0.5 kg and harvests 90 kg–100 kg, while in the traditional method the quantity of harvest sown is similar (sows 60 kg, harvests about 80 kg). According to the participants, the main benefits lie in the reduction in amount of initial seeds used, decline in the pest incidence and improved soil quality. The proper spacing of the rice saplings also helps in easing the weeding process. The introduction of SRI method in the face of climate variability has helped many paddy farmers to reap the benefits of the climate smart agricultural system.