Rice Cultivation Ambition in the New and Updated Nationally Determined Contributions: 2020-2021: Analysis of Agricultural Sub-Sectors in Countries’ Climate Change Strategies | SRI Global News: February - April 2024 **sririce -- System of Rice Intensification | Scoop.it

The share of countries that referenced rice cultivation actions in new and updated National Determined Contributions (NDCs) has increased since the previous round of NDCs. Among the top 10 countries with the highest mitigation potential for rice cultivation, 4 countries mentioned rice mitigation actions. Seventeen countries quantified measures for rice cultivation in their new and updated NDCs, for the first time. ... 56% of countries mentioning adaptation actions in rice prioritized water management (10 of 18 countries), 33% mentioned System of Rice Intensification (SRI) (6), and 33% mentioned variety development (6). [An online spreadsheet linked to this article notes how many countries mentioned SRI by name in their NDCs with rice-related adaptation or mitigation (or both) plans (9 of 29 countries): Mitigation that included SRI: Dominican Republic, Senegal, and Mali and Adaptation that included SRI: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Togo]