KARNATAKA, INDIA: Experience with the System of Rice Intensification for sustainable rainfed paddy farming systems in India | SRI Global News: Nov. 2023 - Jan. 2024 **sririce.org -- System of Rice Intensification | Scoop.it

 Principles of SRI were introduced in the Dharwad district of Karnataka, India,  by an NGO wanting to improve the sustainability of rainfed paddy farming systems. Farmer Field Schools enabled 82 farmers to adopt and adapt SRI practices in the initial season. SRI’s alternative practices were found to contribute to healthier roots and more productive tillers, the average number of tillers per plant on farmers’ SRI and control plots being 19 and 7, respectively. SRI was found to require 87% less seed than with traditional methods; yet it gave 40% more yield per unit area in a drought year. The economic returns per hectare were 76% greater. Three years after introduction, over 3,000 farmers had continued adopting SRI practices in the district. In another three years, the number using these new methods had reached almost 29,000 in Dharwad and neighboring districts.