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Click this Link | Sydney Web Designer |

E-commerce isn't a lot more a fresh notion throughout international locations similar to Quotes in which popular people happen to be highly benefited following their execution, yet now it is the moment connected with beginning far better web property. On the net marketing would be the way of bringing in buyers along the edges sufficient reason.

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40 Amazing Female Role Models for Web Designers

40 Amazing Female Role Models for Web Designers | Sydney Web Designer |
A roundup of 40 notable and prominent female designers, who can be seen as perfect role models for anyone working their way towards their web design career

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Curation Examples: Videry, a Collection of Video Clips For Web Designers

Curation Examples: Videry, a Collection of Video Clips For Web Designers | Sydney Web Designer |



Via Robin Good
Robin Good's curator insight, June 17, 2013 6:14 PM

Videry is a great example of video curation at work.

Videry is a hand-curated collection of over 30 great video clips for web designers.

The beauty and value of this collection, in the context of curation is in the following:

  • The quality of the clips selected

  • A clean, and simple layout - content over looks
    The essence is in the selection made and that's why it needs to stand out.

  • The essential info is upfront - video thumbnails + title + description
    no other distractions.

  • A Pinterest-like simmetrical visual layout that allows easy scanning of the page

Where it could do better:

  • Titles: no personalization for context - titles in the collection are exactly as the originals - the curator here could have improved and contextuaized titles for this collection, while keeping a good reference, visible to everyone, of the original one.

  • Descriptions: these are the original video descriptions. No additions, no opinion, no contextualization. The curator could have written his own descriptions from these in the context of this collection, while leaving the original descriptions as an extra option (since they are all already accessible under the original video location).

  • No visibile authorship for the collection.

P.S.: I think this clean design used in this collection is so effective that I wish there was a service prividing the ability to create curated video collections with such information design elegance.

(Anyone know who is behind

Free to see.

Check it out now:

Facebook stream: 

Google+ stream:

Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, June 18, 2013 11:16 AM

This is a cool new tool for "video curation".

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Quick Guide to Making your Website Social Media Friendly | Velocity Digital Blog

Quick Guide to Making your Website Social Media Friendly | Velocity Digital Blog | Sydney Web Designer |
This posts gives advice on ensuring your website is cleverly integrated with social media technology and platforms. Handy for all marketers!




I’m often asked by clients to work with their web designers/developers to ensure their new website is going to be built and presented in a way that ensures social media tech plays a part in the user’s experience. Usually I’m asked to do this after jumping up and down a lot and ramming home the importance of thinking social when it comes to websites! It’s very important that social is taken into consideration at a very early stage of any web build or revamp. Read on for some tips on making your site more social media friendly.

Create a social media widgetCreate a content hubSharing is caring: There are a lot of off-the-shelf options out there, but I would recommend ‘hard-coding’ share buttons, this tends to allow you to mould them to fit better with your site design. Tech blog, The Next Web does this very well.
Via CYDigital
CYDigital's curator insight, June 5, 2013 3:01 PM

We primarily scooped this for the The Next Web example. Good info nevertheless.

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34 Examples of Memorable Website Branding

34 Examples of Memorable Website Branding | Sydney Web Designer |

There are some websites online that just scream branding. You immediately recognize the site based on their logo design, the font style, the icon symbol, even vector artwork. Branding is a crucial part of the design experience because your company and its brand is all you need to draw in some attention. Many popular brands such as Microsoft and Apple demonstrate what a good logo can do for your company.


But having a good logo is only the first step. Then you need to work this into your website layout gracefully, in a manner where users are impressed and invigorated by the design. I have put together this showcase of 34 various website layouts featuring beautiful website branding. I hope this collection may provide inspiration for other designers who are launching a new project online and need a quick fix of design ideas.

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