the IRISH NEWS: Published 01/03/2014 - Protest winds are blowing

Time for a rethink.  The People's Charter for Energy is demanding the Irish government go back to basics and work with civil society to determine the most efficient,  least costly and least damaging to biodiversity strategies to reduce GHG emissions in the proposed Green Paper on Energy. 

Wind farm plans in tatters after subsidy rethink - Telegraph

Why is the irish government not alarmed at the huge sums that wind farm developers get in ireland ?  

Warning over wind turbine syndrome

Do E said “Anyone who experiences such symptoms should seek medical advice from their family doctor, who may be able to prescribe suitable medication”.   Are they really serious? 

Biofuels Without Enzymes — Cheap Acid-Based Approach Developed
Producing biofuels from plant and food waste is an approach that has long been pursued by researchers, but it’s one largely dependent upon relatively expensive enzymes.