Les insecticides impliqués dans le déclin des populations d'abeilles pourraient avoir aussi un impact sur le système nerveux humain | GMOs, NBT & Sustainable agriculture | Scoop.it

The Raw Story. « Insecticides implicated in bee population decline may also impact human nervous system »


« The EU warned Tuesday that two widely used insecticides, one of which has already been implicated in bee population decline, may pose a risk to human health. »


« The neonicotinoid insecticides acetamiprid and imidacloprid “may affect the developing human nervous system,” the European Food Safety Authority said, the first time such a link has been made. »




« The EFSA said its opinion was based on recent research and existing data on “the potential of acetamiprid and imidacloprid to damage the developing human nervous system — in particular the brain.” »




« Earlier this year, the European Union restricted the use of a series of insecticides made by Swiss chemicals giant Syngenta and its German peer Bayer on concerns they were responsible for a catastrophic decline in bee populations »




« The companies involved insist that their products are not at fault and Sygenta and Bayer said in August they would take legal action against Brussels. »




Nicotine-Like Effects of the Neonicotinoid Insecticides Acetamiprid and Imidacloprid on Cerebellar Neurons from Neonatal Rats


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