Citizens United Allows for Corporate-Funded Attacks Against Our Best Elected Officials | Economy In Crisis | Super PACs |

June 22, 2012 Karl Rusnak


The Citizens United Supreme Court ruling has been a disaster for our electoral process. While it would be nice to think otherwise, money wins campaigns in this country. Now there is more money flowing into our elections than at any time in our history, and much of it is being used to further corporate agendas at the expense of the American people. Some of our best elected officials, those that fight against free trade and other damaging policies, are under attack. If this is allowed to continue there will be little hope of restoring American prosperity.

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown continues to combat the largest flow of outside money experienced by any candidate in the country. Senator Brown has been one of the strongest voices in Congress against damaging free trade policies. He was one of only 15 senators who voted against the damaging free trade agreement with South Korea, and also voted against CAFTA, NAFTA and our membership in the WTO while he was a member of the House. Although his voting record may be on the side of the American people, it is not on the side of big business, and he is now paying the price. Outside groups have spent $10 million in Ohio to attempt to kick him out of office, and more is expected in coming months.