Hey people,
A few years ago I met one of my friends who told me that he made some nice profits with an investment company called algorates.com
I had some free money to invest at the time, so I decided that I might as well give it a try, and make some money myself. After a few years of investing with algorates.com, I have to tell you that I am consistently satisfied with my profits and with their level of service.
When I started with algorates.com they didn't accept many small clients, it was only possible every once in a while, and mostly by joining with other small clients, but I hear that things are changing there now, and that they are supposed to become more open to small clients.
algorates.com make their (and my...) money by using some kind of sophisticated computer software to predict where the market is going, and where is best to invest.
Almost all the people that I know who invested there, made some really nice profits. (Depends on the kind of investment they chose.)
I heard that last year (2012) was a very good year for algorates.com in general (I can't complain myself...), saw something about it in the media too.
Anyway, if you decide to check algorates.com , ask them if you can join the AlgoX893 option \ algorithm \ portfolio or whatever they call it these days... It certainly made wonders for my bank account...
Their website link is: http://www.algorates.com
Lots of luck