A Net-Zero Energy Campus in the Desert Creates Renewable Clean Energy | Sub Saharan Africa Construction | Scoop.it

Communities located in harsh climates – such as Palm Springs, one of the driest spots in North America – are often criticized for the enormous resources that are expended to make the climate fit for humans.

A plan for a new college campus in the arid region, however, may change that perception. The firm of GA Architects and Engineers has recently unveiled Phase One of its plans for the new West Valley Campus at the College of the Desert in Palm Springs. According to HGA, despite the harsh climate, the new 119-acre site will become one of the most energy-efficient campuses in the United States and will actually produce more energy than it will consume.


“This project has forward-thinking goals that go beyond net-zero energy to embrace a ‘zero-plus plan’ that creates renewable clean energy rather than simply uses less energy,” said Patrick Thibaudeau, vice president of sustainable design at HGA.

Via Lauren Moss